So at long last here I am in blogging land.
It has taken some time for me to take the action, instead of just sitting and thinking, shall I, when shall I etc, basically I was stuck in the ‘maybe’ land, which of course kept me stuck!!!

Now the irony is my ‘job’ is helping people to make changes and not be ‘stuck’.

So to start your journey with me here is a quick synopsis of a week in the ‘life of Janis’.

So different days, different clients, different ‘stuff’ that needed changing and sorting. To name a few presenting issues this week:

• getting off and getting over being on anti depressants
• becoming healthier – commonly known as weight loss
• getting over fear of heights
• acquiring a positive mind set and taking positive action
• becoming a non smoker

Now all these things are different yet intrinsically they are same, people have habituated ‘problems’ and my job is to enable and empower them to ‘change’.

So no more being stuck, this is about moving forwards in to new happy and positive ways of being. I encourage people to be ‘free’ in mind and body and learn to relax and to just ‘be and do’.
So as the sun is shining and it is Friday afternoon, I am going to ‘be and do’ relaxation, and know that it is the right thing for me to do now.

It’s time to live and love what you do. So if you like the sound of that start following my blogs where I will share my thoughts on how it is possible to live a happy and healthy life, because why would you not.


About janishough

I am an Agent of Change. I work with people who want to make changes, people who have had enough of being stuck. Coaching and mentoring individuals and companies to give them opportunity to be the best they can be, easily. I am an NLP Trainer, TFT Trainer, Hypnotherapist, IEMT and PPT Practitioner.
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