More on getting over being on Seroxat and other prescribed drugs

So the client who I saw on Tuesday has now had 10 days where she has been able to disassociate from her ‘anxiety’ and keep it a ‘part’ from her not have it a ‘part’ of her. She has felt lighter inside and been able to rationalise things from this new way of ‘being’. In fact it was rather amusing because the same client had met with a friend who tried to convince her that her ‘anxiety/depression’ is a ‘chemical depression’ and that it is different to normal ‘anxiety/depression’ and maybe that is why she felt better.
Now my answer to that was that it seemed like semantics and also very much a case of applying a label to something and then having to live by that label. So was her friend saying that a ‘chemical depression’ is easier or harder to change, or was he talking what I sometimes refer to as ‘non sense’ again I split the word in two; it always amazes me how good people get at making sense from ‘non sense’.
Part of the session this week was visualising removing the anxiety from within her and seeing it as a concertina now when it was fully open it was a scale of 10 on the SUD (subjective unit of distress) scale, o being fine and 10 being really bad. Now as she visualised being able to open and close the concertina she actually realised she had control over it, so we took some time to notice another way of disassociating the ‘anxiety’ and making it a ‘part’ from her again. Now the more ways she learns to do new things in a new way the more she can take the control back.

People often become the label that they are given, and in this wonderful world of the worldwide web, once a label has been given that person can now go and look up what ‘should’ have and ponder what they can have. Now this is not a healthy future pace, is it?
One of the things I always talk about is internal dialogue, now we all have it and the thing to know is how to change it. When people are anxious or depressed they also have ‘impoverished’ internal dialogue. Now if you have internal dialogue that is ‘impoverished’ you are then going to create an impoverished world to live in.
The brain actually works faster than you think and we learn things easily. So I spend time helping people ‘re-learn’ how to live in a better, healthier and happy way.
Also something to consider if you are going to take you with you wherever you go, then you may as well take a healthy and friendly you with you. Now I know that you like me want to be happy and therefore you have to now make a choice on what kind of version of you, you want to live with. So I spend time working with clients getting them to realise that they can and will be happy when they learn to operate in a different way, letting go of memories and experiences that are not useful and planning a future that is based on happiness and feeling healthier now.
It’s vital to set a new direction, a friend of mine once said if you don’t have a destination in mind you will have problems and that seems a familiar tail with many people.
So setting your direction clearly marked out as happiness and freedom is incredibly powerful and then I work with clients to enable the journey to be one of new self discovery of a new way of being.
So where is it that you want to be as opposed to where you do not want to be….?


About janishough

I am an Agent of Change. I work with people who want to make changes, people who have had enough of being stuck. Coaching and mentoring individuals and companies to give them opportunity to be the best they can be, easily. I am an NLP Trainer, TFT Trainer, Hypnotherapist, IEMT and PPT Practitioner.
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