Talking Therapy versus Anti Depressants…

Today has been an interesting day. This morning a friend/client called me and said I should listen to my local BBC radio station, Hereford and Worcester as they were discussing the 40% rise in anti depressants being prescribed for depression, and if it was the right way to go or to use ‘talking therapy’ instead.

So CarolE thanks for the tip off. I phoned in and got on air for a few minutes. Basically I said that in my experience neither of them were very good and certainly did not solve the problem for the majority.

Now it seems to me from the dozens of clients that I see each year with ‘depression’ that the anti depressants have not worked and the traditional medical model of ‘talking therapy’ has not worked either.

It is often the case that when these clients come to me I am their last hope, they have tried everything else and they have been stuck in the ‘system’ for years, often feeling worse because of the medication they are taking and quite often sick to death of talking about and telling different therapists why they feel depressed!!!

So using NLP and TFT as just two of the modalities that I use means we do not have to get caught up in content; every time you have to review or revivify your ‘stuff’ you become once again associated to it and hence feel worse. Put simply we need to disassociate from what makes us feel bad and associate to what makes us feel good.

So it often goes this way the client goes off and sees the counsellor who gets them to ‘share and work though’ their stuff they leave feeling crap because they have been reminded of all that horrid stuff, then they may have a few days of feeling a little better and then before they know it the counselling session is due again and so the cycle repeats.

I know of counsellors and psychotherapists who have only ever had a couple of clients, they kept them for life!!!

I had a new client phone me yesterday who had been diagnosed as dyslexic at a young age and subsequently at 38 been diagnosed as aspergers; he has been waiting for CBT in his local area for over 18 months and in between offered anti depressants! Now he is a very intelligent, articulate man who has done much research. He has worked out for himself that he does need some help to re train his brain and basically change some of his ways so that he fits in and conforms a little more, predominantly within relationships both personal and business.

Now anti depressants are not going to do that, nor is CBT. He went for one visit to a psychotherapist, felt dreadful and when he said he wanted to leave and not see her again he told her it was because he felt more damaged than before! Despite him saying this she still tried to convince him he should go again and it was part of the process; part of hers maybe not his.

So am I saying that anti depressants and ‘talking therapy’ do not work for some people. Clearly they do, what I am asking you to think about are the thousands of what I call ‘lost people’ who year after year pick up the prescription take the ‘magic pill’ go and see the counsellor and still feel depressed.

Do we not owe them more?

Well I believe we do and having had the good fortune to work with many people who have gone from ‘lost’ to ‘found’ it is in my opinion imperative that we look at alternatives that work at a neurological level, giving people the power to change their own thoughts and create happy brain chemicals.

Tomorrow I will be adding some information on simple techniques that will help reduce stress and anxiety, so check in to see what you can learn for yourself.


About janishough

I am an Agent of Change. I work with people who want to make changes, people who have had enough of being stuck. Coaching and mentoring individuals and companies to give them opportunity to be the best they can be, easily. I am an NLP Trainer, TFT Trainer, Hypnotherapist, IEMT and PPT Practitioner.
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