Being YOU

“Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.”
Mahatma Gandhi

I want to share with you some amazing words of wisdom from one of my clients. Now when she sent me the copy of this email I read it once, and then I read it again and then I read it again! And each time I read it I found myself smiling and nodding my head.

Because quite simply in the email she sent to a fellow client and friend she nailed it. Now she puts the change in her down to me yet I put the change down to her, because she was the one who had to get out of her own way, she was the one who had to embrace being her ‘self’ and as soon as she did that everything started to change.

So here goes with her email, names removed of course. Read and learn.Disassociation is a wonderful strategy….it has been my saviour!!!

I wanted to share with you the fact that Sat was so important to me to meet up with you and Janis as it represents the past and the future to me

Where I was 12 months ago…no eldest daughter…no grandchildren…complete sadness and no future.
Choosing the toys together (although I had a list) was so wonderful as you were both sharing in the overwhelming emotion of joy I had within me….That feeling was something I can never describe to anyone…it was so within my soul

Here I am today after spending 6 glorious and easy hours with my daughter and 4 grandchildren yesterday. The lottery of life for me has been won by the fact that if things got no better with my family from here on in (although I know they will) I am content in the knowledge that those girls will be at peace with their Grandma and Mummy being reunited. They will… in future life… with all its toils and tribulations …be able to draw on the knowledge that no matter what….. love does conquer all

What I am saying to you is to have belief in yourself that whatever course you take from here on in it is about choice as Janis says. The choice is to believe in yourself.
I am nearly 60 years old and it has taken me my lifetime to realise that all I need is to be ME.
Learn from my life where I have less years in front of me than behind me to continue in that frame of mind…. that I AM ME….
No matter what you do or do not do for your children it will never be perfect….cos we all know there is no such thing as perfection…
You are their MUM through nature and through that same nature YOU ARE YOU….

I see YOU…. that is….not a person who is a mum and a wife….just YOU …
Go with your basic instinct of how you wish to live your life….what will work for you….everything else will slot in

Wasting precious hours and minutes of this very short time we have been blessed with on this earth is a lesson to be learned.

We have both experienced great losses in our lives and realising the past is something we can not alter although the future is something we can …….we must never become complacent about what we have learned so far…and if it takes the very last penny I have to continue down the JanEric path I am more than willing to forgo every materialistic thing in my life to do so…….I now know it is the right thing NOW

You can and will be able to make the decision that works for you…..and you will know it is the right one…
Disassociate…look in from the outside instead of looking outside from within
Love you my friend xxxxxxx

Now if like me this resonates with YOU then take action to ensure that you are YOU and be the very best version of YOU not an impoverished version that someone else wants you to be quite simply be YOU and be free.


About janishough

I am an Agent of Change. I work with people who want to make changes, people who have had enough of being stuck. Coaching and mentoring individuals and companies to give them opportunity to be the best they can be, easily. I am an NLP Trainer, TFT Trainer, Hypnotherapist, IEMT and PPT Practitioner.
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