Are you doing what you really want to be doing..

Now what is the first thing that happened as you read that question?

Did you get a smile on your face and a good feeling inside, or did you frown and wonder that the ‘fuck’ and feel bad….

Remember guys you are responsible for you. Now sometimes life is a bit of a bugger and we end up ‘having’ to do some stuff we do not really want to do – yet most of you are like me and if you have bills to pay kids to feed and clothe you will do whatever it takes.

Now what I want you to consider for the next week, is to start to make an action plan that if you did whatever it takes to get to do what it is you would rather being doing what would have changed in the coming week?

So it might be that in a week’s time that you will say you just feel a whole lot better and your outlook has changed, it might be that you have made a major decision that has then started a trickle of good stuff happening….

So take some time out and ask yourself these questions:

What would you really love to do to earn a living?

If money wasn’t an issue would you still do what you do now?

So consider what you are passionate about and is there a way to make your living from your passion?

How might you be able to make it happen?

When we take action we start to move and put momentum in to our lives and get out of the ‘stuck’ mode.

All it takes is to do something different, take action stop the internal bullshit, press the delete button and take action to do whatever it takes to make change happen now, the kind of change that has you smiling, breathing easy and knowing it’s all going to be ok


About janishough

I am an Agent of Change. I work with people who want to make changes, people who have had enough of being stuck. Coaching and mentoring individuals and companies to give them opportunity to be the best they can be, easily. I am an NLP Trainer, TFT Trainer, Hypnotherapist, IEMT and PPT Practitioner.
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