Catterpillar or Butterfly…

Two caterpillars were sitting on a cabbage leaf having a chat. Suddenly, they heard a loud swishing sound, and looking up, saw a beautiful butterfly flying overhead. The first caterpillar looked at the other, shook his head and said, “You’ll never get me up in one of those things.”

As you read the words above, did you think to yourself, yeah I get that I’m not going up there, or did you think go on fly, fly fly.

Butterflies have been used as a symbol for change for thousands of years. Talking about butterflies is a great way to get people to think about change and where they currently are, caterpillar or butterfly? So where are you now? When you read the story above is it from the perceived safety of your cocoon, is that where you want to stay? What would have to happen for you to become a butterfly?

So to continue on a theme….

“When she heard the word butterfly, her whole insides leapt. “But what is a butterfly?”
The cocooned caterpillar explained: “It’s what you are meant to become.”
“How can I believe there’s a butterfly inside you or me when all I see is a fuzzy worm?”
On further reflection she pensively asked, “How does one become a butterfly?”
“You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.”

Now I am sure that many of you are familiar with the feeling of ‘butterflies’ in your tummy when you’re maybe excited, a little anxious or stressed about something.

The best thing to do is to get the ‘butterflies’ to fly off together! Most of the time we just need to know that it is ok to leave the cocoon.

I guess the question is how much do you want to fly and how high do you want to go?

What has to happen for you to be willing to give up being a caterpillar and become a butterfly?


About janishough

I am an Agent of Change. I work with people who want to make changes, people who have had enough of being stuck. Coaching and mentoring individuals and companies to give them opportunity to be the best they can be, easily. I am an NLP Trainer, TFT Trainer, Hypnotherapist, IEMT and PPT Practitioner.
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