Tapping your Anxiety Away

Imagine being able to make yourself feel better without taking any drugs…then stop imagining and start using TFT.

I am talking about TFT (Thought Field Therapy) the original “Tapping” therapy. You can simply start tapping some of your troubles away. It works by tapping on the same energy points used in acupuncture, no needles though, and other healing therapies. By tapping on these energy (or meridian) points, the chi energy in the body is released and you feel instant relaxation and an endorphin rush which gives you an incredible sense of wellbeing and peace.

Now I learnt TFT with Dr Roger Callahan American clinical psychologist with over 40 years of experience, the creator of TFT back in 2005 and since then use it with about 90% of my clients, use it myself daily and am lucky enough to also be able to teach people how to use it as I am a qualified Algorithm trainer. The brilliant thing about Dr Roger Callahan is that he has continued to study and progress TFT even further. Others such as EFT have ‘tried’ to emulate it.

What’s the difference between TFT and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)?
Gary Craig, the pioneer of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), learnt TFT from Callahan. Craig then devised his own version of the therapy which he coined EFT. Although many people do find EFT helpful in treating their emotional problems, EFT does not have the same proven success rates as TFT. EFT has continued to use affirmations and they still ‘tap’ all of the points. It has always seemed odd to me that you are supposed to be isolating a ‘thought field’ yet in EFT you are still continually repeating endless affirmations about acceptance etc, which surely leads you away from the ‘thought field’ ; I shall save that for another day though!

When we think of something the mind/brain activity generates an individual
thought field in much the same way as an electrical field is generated around an
item of electrical equipment.

According to Dr. Callahan’s theory, negative emotions are generated by specific
patterns of information contained within in these thought fields. Once activated
these patterns of information instruct the mind and body how to respond. This is
similar to the way in which program information held in the memory of a computer
is activated and run when an icon is clicked on a computer screen.

These information patterns have been found to be the generating power behind
the emotional and physiological signs and symptoms recognised by conventional
medicine. Most existing therapies simply attempt to subdue those symptoms with
varying degrees of success, or teach the patient how to live with their problem.
In TFT, it is recognised that the information patterns must be encoded in order to
be stored efficiently and to recreate the same experience every time. Therefore, in
order to deactivate the information patterns they must be decoded.

Access to the information patterns is achieved by having the trauma victim think
about their troubled emotion. Decoding is then achieved by firm but gentle
pressure on acupuncture points on the upper body and hands, usually by tapping
with the fingers. This tapping procedure is only successful if the acupuncture
points are stimulated in a specific order – in the same way as a combination lock is

Paul McKenna is a true believer in TFT and has been practicing it for several years and includes it in most of his book and also been demonstrating his confidence in TFT by using it with allegedly impossible cases in both of his Sky One TV series “I Can Change Your Life” and “Paul McKenna Will Make You Thin”. He has said of TFT, “….I never cease to be amazed by the powerful effect that it (TFT) has upon people to change their lives for the better.”

TFT offers a drug free, pill free alternative so if you are fed up of the medical models that haven’t worked for you then I suggest you simply give tapping a go.

We need to check where you are before we start tapping and we measure this is through the use of a Subjective Units of Distress(SUD) Scale, where the client is asked to rate their level of distress or discomfort
on a 0 – 10 scale.

It is also important to remember that the number that you represent is how you are feeling at that very moment, when simply thinking about the problem, not how you may have felt in the past not how you think you might feel in the future.
10 = maximum distress or discomfort
0 = no distress or discomfort

When tapping you need to tap firmly enough to get the energy moving. I recommend using the tips of 3 fingers.

Tapping to release Anxiety

Step 1
Tap under the eye. On the bone under eye about 1 inch below your pupil at least 5 times using 3 fingers, firmly enough to get the energy moving.

Step 2
Tap under the arm at least 5 times using 3 fingers, for ladies where your bra strap would be, and guys you know where the bra strap goes too!

Step 3
Tap the collarbone point at least 5 times using 3 fingers.The junction where the sternum (breastbone), collarbone and the first rib meet. To locate it, first place your forefinger on the U-shaped notch at the top of the breastbone (about where a man would knot his tie). From the bottom of the U, move your forefinger down toward the navel 1 inch and then go to the left (or right) 1 inch

Now do the 9 Gamut which is done in the middle of each algorithm, Begin by tapping the Gamut Spot continuously. It is on the back of either hand and is 1/2 inch behind the midpoint between the knuckles at the base of the ring finger and the little finger
Keep tapping while the following 9 actions are done

1. Close the eyes
2. Open the eyes
3. Move the eyes down and to one side
4. Move the eyes down and to the other side
5. Roll the eyes in a circle in one direction
6. Roll the eyes in a circle in the opposite direction
7. Hum a tune (about five notes) out loud
8. Count out loud from one to five
9. Hum a tune again aloud

Now check your SUD rating and repeat the whole cycle again as necessary.

For 80% of people they can get down to 0 just using this simple algorithm.

Sometimes people get stuck and that is normally to do with psychological reversal which we can also treat with TFT, that’s another blog that I will add tomorrow.

Go get tapping you might be surprised at how much better you can feel.

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Talking Therapy versus Anti Depressants…

Today has been an interesting day. This morning a friend/client called me and said I should listen to my local BBC radio station, Hereford and Worcester as they were discussing the 40% rise in anti depressants being prescribed for depression, and if it was the right way to go or to use ‘talking therapy’ instead.

So CarolE thanks for the tip off. I phoned in and got on air for a few minutes. Basically I said that in my experience neither of them were very good and certainly did not solve the problem for the majority.

Now it seems to me from the dozens of clients that I see each year with ‘depression’ that the anti depressants have not worked and the traditional medical model of ‘talking therapy’ has not worked either.

It is often the case that when these clients come to me I am their last hope, they have tried everything else and they have been stuck in the ‘system’ for years, often feeling worse because of the medication they are taking and quite often sick to death of talking about and telling different therapists why they feel depressed!!!

So using NLP and TFT as just two of the modalities that I use means we do not have to get caught up in content; every time you have to review or revivify your ‘stuff’ you become once again associated to it and hence feel worse. Put simply we need to disassociate from what makes us feel bad and associate to what makes us feel good.

So it often goes this way the client goes off and sees the counsellor who gets them to ‘share and work though’ their stuff they leave feeling crap because they have been reminded of all that horrid stuff, then they may have a few days of feeling a little better and then before they know it the counselling session is due again and so the cycle repeats.

I know of counsellors and psychotherapists who have only ever had a couple of clients, they kept them for life!!!

I had a new client phone me yesterday who had been diagnosed as dyslexic at a young age and subsequently at 38 been diagnosed as aspergers; he has been waiting for CBT in his local area for over 18 months and in between offered anti depressants! Now he is a very intelligent, articulate man who has done much research. He has worked out for himself that he does need some help to re train his brain and basically change some of his ways so that he fits in and conforms a little more, predominantly within relationships both personal and business.

Now anti depressants are not going to do that, nor is CBT. He went for one visit to a psychotherapist, felt dreadful and when he said he wanted to leave and not see her again he told her it was because he felt more damaged than before! Despite him saying this she still tried to convince him he should go again and it was part of the process; part of hers maybe not his.

So am I saying that anti depressants and ‘talking therapy’ do not work for some people. Clearly they do, what I am asking you to think about are the thousands of what I call ‘lost people’ who year after year pick up the prescription take the ‘magic pill’ go and see the counsellor and still feel depressed.

Do we not owe them more?

Well I believe we do and having had the good fortune to work with many people who have gone from ‘lost’ to ‘found’ it is in my opinion imperative that we look at alternatives that work at a neurological level, giving people the power to change their own thoughts and create happy brain chemicals.

Tomorrow I will be adding some information on simple techniques that will help reduce stress and anxiety, so check in to see what you can learn for yourself.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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Happiness is something that we are all looking for, yet how many of us find it, and actually recognise it when we have it. The truth is our days are spent ‘trying’ to get more happiness than pain. Now to … Continue reading

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To follow on from yesterday’s post I wanted to dig a little deeper..
So it seems that women are more critical of how they look because they are judged more by society as a whole on their appearance. The standards applied to a woman seem to be far more rigid than that of men.

How many women disappear from TV shows because they have reached a certain age, where it is deemed that they are ‘too old’ and therefore a younger model has to be bought in.
Women are continually bombarded with images of the ‘ideal’ face and figure. The constant exposure to idealised images of female beauty on TV, magazines and billboards would have us ‘believe’ that exceptional good looks seem normal and anything short of perfection is abnormal and below standard.

Now as we well know the vast majority of these women have quite a lot of the ‘fake’ stuff going on!! Yet despite us knowing that the majority assume they have to ‘try’ to be the same so the cycle begins, of diets, hair colouring, hair removal, extensions, botox, implants, liposuction and on and on it goes.

Now I had an awakening some time ago. Some of you may remember Ally McBeal the TV show from the late 90s which starred Calista Flockhart, now I spent many years wondering and ‘trying’ to be that size….

Now here is the thing how is a woman who has always been curvy with a bust size of 36D since 13, and only 5’3 ever going to get to be that thin?? I would have had to have stopped eating, and I know I still would not have looked like that. Now in my ‘new’ enlightened self I watch Calista Flockhart in Brothers and Sisters and think wow she’s got no real shape and actually looks like a pubescent girl!!!

So I embrace my curves and shape and what’s more most men I have come across seem to rather like me and my curves. So to me one of the women who I now think is really gorgeous and desirable is Nigella Lawson – my partner said whilst watching her recently it is a bit like ‘food porn’ and do you know what I get that. She is all woman and she positively embraces all that is to be embraced about being a woman, and it seems lots of men would like to embrace her!!!!
So what am I saying here, that fundamentally we are all different, so why would we strive so hard to all look the same?

Now I want to be the very best version of me, so that means that yes I do take care of myself, I watch what I eat, I exercise and of course I want to look good in my clothes. I gave up ‘weighing’ myself ages ago, I know how I feel and I know how I look and if my clothes get a little tight I change my food and exercise to get back to being comfortable. Now there is a lot to be said about being comfortable….how many of those girls and women out there striving to look like the ‘fake’ woman actually feel comfortable in their own skin.
So ladies watch this space to change as I will continue with this theme and welcome your comments and feedback….tell me what you want and I’ll get writing for you.

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Stepping up to being you…

One of the biggest fallacies of western Cultural Programming is that we all have to be rich, powerful, look and behave a certain way and that if you are not you should spend your time ‘trying’ to be that.

So along with that also comes the thought that only those people who are rich and powerful are successful and happy, well intrinsically we know that is bullshit.

So my ponderings for today are specifically aimed at women. Do you want to be part of the 96% of the population who are doing what they were told they should do. Now when I say told I mean living from the ‘script’ that was passed down to them from their parents, their families, their teachers, the TV, the newspapers and so the list goes on.

Now this script covers everything, the way you behave the expectations you have, how you will look, how you should live and on and on.

I am rich, I am powerful and I am successful just not in the indoctrinated society’s version.

In an attempt to fit in with society’s ideal model, we have to change ourselves…in fact we try to become somebody else. Look at how much people spend on ‘trying’ to look like the people they see in magazines or on the TV.

As an example girls and women especially are caught in this trap where they have to be like their favourite actress, model, etc. Now, how many of them are walking around ‘orange’ with fake eye lashes, fake boobs, and fake hair, basically just fake’.

Yes we want to look nice yet do we want to all look the same be the same, it seems a generation of women have been created who all straighten their hair, have fake nails and aspire to be as good as the ‘fake’ they are trying to follow.

So have ‘we’ helped create a fake generation?

It seems that way to me. It seems that 96% of the programming going on is putting a ridiculous amount of pressure on a whole generation to be the so called ‘perfect’ model.

Now I only want to be the best version of me that is available to me. So that means that I want to be healthy and happy doing what it is that I choose to be. So am I happier following my own script that I have written that is just for me, hell yes.

Many, many years ago I was one of the followers of the mass programming, I thought I should be thinner, I thought I should follow fashion and on and on it went, and then I realised I wasn’t doing much of the thinking at all.

The bottom line is you cannot be happy being somebody else.
The secret to a happy life is simple be you, like you and enjoy being you!

More tomorrow now for today take some time to just be you, ‘you’ might like it

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The Call – Are you open to the way?

Here is a link to an awesome video. It sums up so much of what I think and believe and we are here to question not just accept. We are here to live, be and do.

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Anti depressants again…how depressing!

So it is a part of life that sometimes you put your thoughts out there to the world and some people don’t like them and well so be it.
So my post on seroxat generated some interest and actually made many start to re-think what they have believed up until now and consider being open to new ways of being and thinking.
Now never in the original post did I say do not take them ever, nor that they do not help ‘some’ people.
However here’s the thing if you only ever do what you have always done you get the same result is that not true. So I come from the mould that says I can be free to choose to do something different because I have choices, as we all do. It is just that when we listen to what I call ‘authority’ figures we are led to believe that they know best so we must do as they say – bullshit!
A classic example is me, being post full hysterectomy and only being 44 I am not ready for the onset of the menopause as yet. So the doctors AKA authority figures put me on HRT and said that I should stay on it as it counter acts x,y and z. So as not to get caught up in all the medical detail it seems yes HRT was supposed to alleviate some symptoms and therefore would be beneficial…..or not.
So for me HRT has been nothing but a pain, I put some chemicals in my body and still had the stuff it was supposed to stop and also got some other stuff along the way…..hmmm see the connection here. So I tried the way the ‘authority figures’ suggested and now am doing it my way, yep there is a song there! I am doing it the natural way and it is a bit like therapist heal thy self.
Will my body feel better for not putting synthetic chemicals in it, damn right it will.
Can I control my own brain chemistry, damn right.

So if you think I am crazy well that’s fine too.

It is all about paying attention and being more aware that there are choices for all of us. So with regard to certain ‘authority figures’ that you may come across, here’s the thing, you are allowed to ask questions you are allowed to do something different. So if the psychologist or psychotherapist you have been seeing for months/years says there is no choice – bullshit. Of course you may just have to take a leap of faith in yourself and know that you can question and do something else.

Interesting word isn’t it psychotherapist, I mean split it down psycho-the-rapist. Now in my experience that is exactly what most of them are and do they ‘rape’ you for your content, get you to re live it and review it and therefore keep the ‘shit’ at the forefront of your mind and hey guess what you take the ‘drugs’ they offer because you feel shit!!

Now I am not saying that I have all the answers to everything and I am not saying that the ‘drugs’ never work what I am saying is that there are better ways than the mainstream medical models that are still being followed and maybe, just maybe you owe it to your ‘self’ to look at being and doing something different. What have you got to lose, anxiety, depression and ‘drugs’.
It seems like a no brainer to me, be open enough to not limit yourself by someone else’s limitations.
People are always banging on about the box and step out of the box to think in a new way, well here is the thing there is no box so come on step up and take a new direction.
Many of my clients have and guess what they are ‘drug’ free, anxiety and depression free.

Love light and laughter to you all

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Healthy Weight

Healthy Weight…
Now to start with I don’t call it weight loss I call it getting healthier. Moving towards health improving health actually sounds good, it is something that you can see yourself having a vested interest in moving towards; I mean who wouldn’t want better health?

So this morning we did a review of where one of my clients is compared to where she was. It went along the lines of my clothes are getting looser, I feel more energised, I can move around easier, I pick the good healthy food off the menus, I eat slower, I know when I am full and on it goes…. All this is said with a great big smile on her face.

Key to the ongoing success is to create vivid pictures of what it is that you want. So I ask my client to time travel 6 months ahead of where we are now and to notice how she is different as she has carried on in this new healthy way of being. It is always great to see how physiology changes when clients future pace. If you are going to play movies in your mind you may as well make them ones that you really want to ‘buy’ in to.

Each session we look at self image. It will be no surprise to you to learn that the image you have of yourself has a major impact on your mood. A study was done where ‘normal’ weight individuals were split into three groups , ‘under’, ‘average’ or ‘overweight’ according to a fictional height-weight chart. Researchers found the normal weight people allocated to the ‘overweight’ group showed an increase in depression and a decrease in self-esteem compared with the people in the 2 other groups, even though in reality their weight was fine.

What this shows is that it is important to base your self image on your beliefs, your values and not someone else’s. You have to love your ‘self’. So one of the things I get clients to do is make friends with the mirror and get butt naked in front of it!!! I always find it amazing how many people never look at themselves naked; perhaps that is because I am half German and have no worries at all about being naked!!!

So I get them to get familiar with how they look in the mirror and to actually notice and even describe how they look to themselves.

Another way to do this is to actually draw an outline of the shape that you see when you look front on to the mirror and side on.

Now as much as I have said to not get swayed by others, get someone you trust and feel completely comfortable with to look at the picture you have drawn and ask them, honestly, what they see. Is it the same as you? This is a bit like running a quality control check – those with real eating disorders and body dysmorphia will see a very distorted view.

I then ask the following questions relating to continuing to become healthier, eat more healthy foods, weigh less and exercise more.

What would happen if you did? become healthier, eat more healthy foods, weigh less and exercise more.
What would happen if you didn’t? become healthier, eat more healthy foods, weigh less and exercise more.
What wouldn’t happen if you did? become healthier, eat more healthy foods, weigh less and exercise more.
What wouldn’t happen if you didn’t? become healthier, eat more healthy foods, weigh less and exercise more.

And two final question to ponder in the new way of being

Is this healthy for me?
Is this healthy for others?

And the answer is in ‘all’ ways yes it is healthier for me and others to continue to be healthier move more etc.

So get moving now towards health. If you want to know more about my work and how I can help you leave me a comment or email me at janis@janishough.com

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A little more about SSRIs….

I am not a doctor, I am not a nurse, I have no formal academic training in medicine, yet I have learnt a lot about the ‘drugs’ that are pushed to the ‘depressed’ client as I see many of them who are fed up of being caught in the world of ‘anti depressants’ and still feeling depressed!

In the main we can split the medication available down in to the two categories below those that raise neurotransmitters and those that reduce levels of neurotransmitters.

 SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) such as citalopram, escitalopram, fluoxetine, paroxetine and sertraline.
 SNRIs (Serotonin and Noradrenaline Reuptake Inhibitors) such as Amitriptyline, doxepine, Clomipramine
So basically it is about ‘brain chemistry’ because that is what neurotransmitters are about. Now I am not going to get all medical here, that is not my area of expertise.

Now here’s the thing if you are taking one of the many antidepressants and you still feel crap, is the change in your brain chemistry working with you or against you?

So most of us of have heard people say, that when you exercise you get a natural high. During exercise, the brain releases several chemicals including neurotransmitters such as endorphins. Studies have shown that certain neurotransmitters can help ward off depression. Endorphins act as guards that help to block both stress and pain. The endorphin release can lead to a natural high feeling.

And then of course you get the paradox of ‘I’m depressed I can’t do anything’ so a real simple question to ask right now, what do you think is going to do you more good, taking a drug that messes with your brain chemistry, and for the majority makes you feel crap, or taking some exercise that will produce natural highs? To me it is a no brainer…
Now here’s the thing you are, for want of better words ‘your own bar tender’ you create your own brain chemistry, so why not produce your own cocktails that make you feel real good? Is there value for you in that?

So what I am going to be doing over the coming days is blogging ways for you to increase your own happy brain chemicals naturally. So even if you are not depressed you might want to read how to get more of the ‘happy’ free chemicals in to your system.

Now I don’t know what you are doing next, I am off to do some exercise so that I can positively influence my brain chemistry….

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Will Smith – Words of Wisdom

Yet another fave of mine which I love and again often refer to clients and friends.
He puts it so eloquently.


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